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Not embarrassed!

"We are now not embarrassed to have our garage door open anymore…we now leave it open! "

Trevor H - Saskatoon

Organized Garage!

"With all our new storage not only is our garage organized, we got our spare bedroom back! Thanks Mike! "

Todd M -

Garage Floor Prep

Getting a new garage floor coating in Saskatoon can be a tough process.  We help make the decision easier by giving you a peace of mind that we only use the best equipment and products on the market to get the job done right.

Garage Floor Grinder Saskatoon

Professional or DIY?: In case you are wondering whether or not to do your own garage floor job, let us help settle the differences.  DIY epoxy kits will normally require you to do an acid etching to prepare your garage.  This process brings in harmful chemicals into your home that may not work properly 100% of the time.  Our trained professionals will use a diamond grinder that will rough up the floor so that the epoxy will have a strong bond to the concrete.  By following this process, we provide a long lasting garage floor coating Saskatoon residents have loved for years.

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Let’s get organized

take advantage of all of the square footage in your garage with our garage storage solutions!  Give us a call so one of our professionals can give you a free estimate on how you can transform your garage.

Commercial Flooring Saskatoon

The Top Line of Defense

Damage Proof: The garage floor always takes a heavy beating.  From being used as a carpenter’s work station to an automotive junky’s work space, the floor can start to crack and fade.  A garage floor coating in Saskatoon has a top layer that prevents stains and spills from having any long term damage on the floor.

Styles and Colors: See the many different styles and colors that we have below so that you can match your new garage floor coating in Saskatoon with the same color scheme of your home.

Garage Floor Layers Saskatoon

Only The Best

A large investment into a new garage floor coating in Saskatoon should not be taken lightly.  Rest assured that we only use the best products on the market so that our customers can enjoy their floor for years.

Beyond the Garage

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an epoxy floor installed somewhere other than the garage?  Our past customers have started to open new doors as they invited us to add an epoxy layer to their basements, patios, and workplaces.

Basements: The basement of a home can often take a beating from leaky pipes or even bad weather.  An epoxy floor coating will help minimize damage from unexpected water damage or chemical leaks.

Patios: The patio is a place for the family to enjoy the outdoors!  Keep your yard looking sharp by having a UV safe epoxy floor that wont fade with extensive light from the sun.

The Workplace: If you are worried about the safety of your tenants or employees or even want to increase the value of your property, consider how a non-slip, water and stain resistant floor can benefit you.

Textured Garage Flooring Options

Cafe Mocha Sacramento  Cafe Mocha
Granite Sacramento Granite
Marble Sacramento Marble

Saddletan Sacramento Saddletan
Santana Sacramento Santana

by on April 29, 2015